Look no further than the Biergarten for a place to hang out and cool off this year. Located next to Main Stage, this festive tent is home to two of our fan favorite activities: The Home Brew Competition and the Stein Hoisting Competition. There’s always lots of fun and shenanigans happening in the Biergarten, so grab a stein and head on over!

Biergarten will feature our Local Lee’s Summit Brews as well as KC Bier Co to make this perfect spot to sit down and share a bier.

Home Brew Competition

Steinhoisting Competition

Think you’ve got what it takes? Test your strength Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Main Stage! The object of the game is to hoist a full liter stein longer than anyone else. Competitors must use only one hand and steins must be held at arm’s length without spilling.

All participants will receive a commemorative glass stein filled with an ice cold beer to compete with during the competition. Upon completion of the competition the mug is yours and of course, you get to drink the beer!

One male and one female winner will be crowned and will receive an awesome prize!

Participants must be 21 or older. Participation is limited and based on a first come first serve for men’s and women’s categories.


Information below reflects 2022 menu. 2024 menu items and pricing subject to change.

Cans + Bottles

$12 – Cutwater Margarita & Vodka Mule
$8 – Bud Light Seltzers-Hard Soda
$8 – Budweiser

$8 – Michelob Ultra
$8 – Busch Light Apple
$8 – Bud Light
$2 – Water
$2 – Koozie

Draft Beer

KC Bier Co. Dunkel
KC Bier Co. Hefeweizen
KC Bier Co. Festbier
KC Bier Co. Never Say IPA

$8 – 16oz
$12 – 22oz Reusable Stein
$8 – 22oz Refill